PHSANZ Pulmonary Hypertension Research Grant

The Pulmonary Hypertension Society of Australia and New Zealand (PHSANZ) are inviting applications for a 12 month research grant to the value of $30,000 supported by a grant from Janssen to conduct pulmonary hypertension research in Australia and/or New Zealand.

This grant, administered by the PHSANZ, will support the successful applicant to undertake pulmonary hypertension focussed research in Australia and/or New Zealand.

This grant aligns with the PHSANZ vision to promote and support research in pulmonary hypertension and improve the health of PAH patients. In particular, this grant will assist the PHSANZ with its mission to advocate for a sustainable ‘model of care’ that leads to equitable and timely access to skilled clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of patients with Pulmonary Hypertension in Australia and New Zealand.

The PHSANZ will administer this as a competitive grant, based on an application process, as follows:

Application Process and Details

Essential Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be a PHSANZ member. 
  • Applicants must provide a substantial contribution to the research, as judged by the Research and Scientific Committee. 
  • Whilst research may be collaborative with international researchers, at least 50% of the research must be conducted in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Research must have a pulmonary hypertension focus.
  • The research must be investigator driven. Industry sponsored research will not be supported.

Conditions of Awarding the Research Grant

  • Applicants must complete the Grant Application Form in full.
  • Research must commence by 1 December 2022.
  • Quarterly progress reports must be submitted to the PHSANZ Research and Scientific Committee.
  • Payments to the successful applicant will be made quarterly upon receipt of satisfactory progress reports.
  • Early career researchers (defined as within 5 years of a PhD or Masters) require a supervisor statement of support. Established researchers require a statement of peer support from a fellow PHSANZ member.
  • Funding source to be included in resulting presentations and publications.
  • Funding can be used towards capital costs, research consumables, salary support / stipend, outsourced research costs (eg. Statistician).
  • In the event of no suitable applications, the grant will not be awarded.
  • The Research and Scientific Committee has the ability to extend the application deadline at their discretion with approval of the PHSANZ Board.
  • Preference will be given to early career researchers and applicants performing research as part of a higher degree (Masters of PhD).

Relevant Dates

30 September 2022 – Applications Due

ASM October 2022 – Winner Announced

1 December 2022 – Research commencement

Quarterly progress reports – every 3 months from research commencement date

Final report – 18 months after commencement date

Applications will be judged by the Research and Scientific Committee or their delegates. 

All judging panel members must be free from any conflicts of interest.

The award will be based on the following:

  • Scientific merit (30%)
  • Innovation / impact (30%)
  • Capability (20%)
  • Applicant contribution (10%)
  • Applicant’s track record (10%).
Download Application form

Applications due 30 September 2022.

Please email applications to queries can also be directed to this email address).