Our Board and Committees


We are a professional society focused on facilitating research into pulmonary hypertension. We help educate members on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Our members include cardiologists, respiratologists, immunologists, rheumatologists, nurses and allied health professionals.

We are managed by a Board of Directors and are supported by a number of specialist committees who are dedicated to bringing their expertise to the society.

Our Board

Our Committees

Executive Committee

Dr. Helen Whitford (President)
A/Prof. Robert Weintraub (General Secretary)
Dr. John Feenstra (Treasurer)

Advocacy Committee

To be announced

Registry Committee

Dr. Melanie Lavender (Chair)
Dr. Edmund Lau
Dr. Nicholas Collins
Dr. Nathan Dwyer
Dr. John Feenstra
Dr. James Anderson
Dr. Dominic Keating
A/Prof. Eugene Kotlyar
Dr. Tanya McWilliams
Dr. Vivek Thakkar
A/Prof. Robert Weintraub
Dr. Helen Whitford
A/Prof. Susanna Proudman

Research and Scientific Committee

Dr. Jeremy Wrobel (Chair)
Dr. Andrew Burns
Dr. John Feenstra
Dr. Edmund Lau
Prof. Norman Morris
Prof. Paul Reynolds
Dr. Vivek Thakkar

Education Committee

Dr. Helen Whitford
Dr. Clare Ellender
Dr. Nathan Dwyer
Dr. Anne Marie Chiffin
Dr. Vivek Thakkar
A/Prof. Rob Weintraub

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