Wesley Pulmonary Hypertension Unit

We provide a wide range of diagnostic assessment services for PAH and CTEPH including echocardiography, respiratory function testing, medical imaging and right and left heart catheterisation. We offer access to all PBS drugs for the treatment of PAH with the exception of IV prostacyclin analogues.

The service has an onsite Nurse Practitioner specialising in Pulmonary Hypertension to help co-ordinate care and treatment throughout the patients pulmonary hypertension journey.

We have well established connections with relevant expert services onsite at the Wesley Hospital including cardiology, rheumatology/immunology, interventional radiology, palliative care, gastroenterology and infectious diseases as well as strong ties to the Lung Foundation. We actively contribute to the National Database for Pulmonary Hypertension Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Clinical trials for both pulmonary hypertension and CTEPH can be easily accessed through The Prince Charles Hospital.

Principal Contact

Dr John Feenstra
E: reception@jfeenstra.com.au
P: 07 3876 9033

Nurse Practitioner | Rebekka Beaumont

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Wesley Pulmonary Hypertension Unit
451 Coronation Dr, Auchenflower
Brisbane QLD 4066