The Princess Alexandra Hospital

Principal Contact

Judy Ross, Pulmonary Hypertension Nurse
Ph: (07) 3176 2466
Fax: (07) 3176 6170


Dr. Claire M. Ellender (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine)

Dr. Gregory Keir (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine)

Dr. Sudhir Wahi (Cardiology)

Dr. Dariusz Korczyk (Cardiology)

Dr. John Coucher (Radiology)

Dr. Kendal Redmond (Interventional Radiology)

Princess Alexandra Hospital Pulmonary Hypertension clinic offers a holistic, multi-disciplinary environment for the assessment and management of pulmonary hypertension patients. We have access to NATA accredited Respiratory and Sleep laboratories to evaluate breathlessness, sleep disordered breathing and pulmonary hypertension. Servicing a wide geographic area ranging for Northern NSW to Western Queensland, we have access to a well developed Tertiary level service that continues to provide Expert Centre care.

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