Fiona Stanley Hospital

Principal Contact

Corina Jary, Clinical Nurse Consultant
Ph: (08) 6152 4029


Dr. Melanie Lavender (Respiratory Physician, specialising in pulmonary hypertension and lung transplantation)

Dr. Jeremy Wrobel (Respiratory Physician, specialising in pulmonary hypertension and lung transplantation)

Dr. Michael Musk (Respiratory Physician, specialising in lung transplantation and advanced lung disease)

The pulmonary hypertension service is run by an experienced multidisciplinary team in the Advanced Lung Disease Unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH). The service relocated to this new hospital, from the original site at Royal Perth Hospital in 2015. This is the only pulmonary hypertension specialist referral centre in WA offering combination therapy including continuous intravenous epoprostenol, pulmonary hypertension exercise program, twice weekly clinics and lung transplant service. Patients undergo comprehensive investigation under the care of a full-time team of healthcare professionals with experience in pulmonary hypertension, including physicians, nurse consultants, physiotherapists, pharmacist and dietician. The pulmonary hypertension service benefits from additional expertise on site at FSH such as the Advanced Heart Failure Service, medical imaging including interventional radiology and cardiac MRI, and sleep medicine. The Advanced Lung Disease Unit often participates as a site in international clinical trials, for which some pulmonary hypertension patients may be eligible.

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