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Principal Contact

Owen Chesbrough, PH Nurse Specialist & Heart Lung Transplant Coordinator
Ph: (09) 307 4949, Ext 28333


Dr. Tanya McWilliams (PAH, Lung Transplant & Respiratory Physician)

Dr. Ken Whyte (PAH & Respiratory Physician)

Dr. Cara Wasywich (Cardiologist & Heart Transplant Physician)

Dr. Sarah Fitzsimmons (Cardiologist & Heart Transplant Physician)

Mr. David Haydock (Cardiothoracic Surgeon – Pulmonary Endartrectomy Surgery (PEA))

  • Our Pulmonary vascular clinic dates from 1997 and initially was the only NZ pulmonary vascular disease centre, we now principally look after patients in the Greater Auckland Region but are involved in care of patients in other smaller centres in a shared care approach with their local hospital physicians.
  • The Service is multi-disciplinary and aims to over holistic & supportive care to our patients & whanua
  • We have over 100 patients currently under our care and carry out over 50 right heart catheters per year. We follow international guidelines for investigation and treatment though access to funded therapies in NZ is determined by criteria set by the government drug agency (Pharmac).
  • We are currently the only NZ centre treating a handful of patients across NZ with IV epoprostenol often as a bridge to pulmonary transplant but with recent changes in access criteria this number will increase.
  • Our service works closely with the NZ Heart and Lung Transplant Service & many of our staff work with both the pulmonary vascular service and the transplant service.
  • We offer a national service for the assessment of patients with Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) and surgery (Pulmonary thromboendartrectomy [PEA]) for patients who are suitable for this type of surgery. In this area we also have close links with centres in Australia & often discuss patients with our colleagues abroad.
  • We also offer follow up for patients with acute pulmonary emboli & patients with lung involvement by Hereditary Haemorrhagic Teleangiectasis (HHT).
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